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If you need a website make sure it's

Search Engine (SEO) Tips

Good design makes for a visible website.  It is always a good idea to:

  • Use a Textual Menu system (instead of images which look nice but Google cannot see as well)
  • Offer a sitemap to important parts of your website (categories)
  • Keep list of links reasonable (so you do not drown out important links)
  • Set "ALT" on images
  • Make sure page title, keywords and description match page content
  • Avoid broken links
  • Void ? in the URLs.  Many search engines ignore them
  • Make sure your site has a robots.txt file
  • Make sure your website comes up quickly (slow servers are penalized)
  • Give useful content
  • Avoid "link schemes"
  • Avoid hidden text (colored same as background to hide content)
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