Why a Commercial Grade Website?

What's Included?

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Professional Design
  • Interactive Content
  • Ability to Edit Pages
  • Graphical Usage Statistics
  • Support & Assistance
  • Peace of Mind

Why Commercial Grade?

  • Well Established
  • Locally Owned/Operated
  • Technical Expertise
  • Extensive Local Market
  • Support & Assistance

You Can

  • Edit Your Own Website
  • View Usage Statistics
  • Add Pages
  • Update Menus
  • Build Galleries
  • Track Events
  • Change Layout
  • More!

Why Commercial Grade Websites™?

We process over $1.5 million in on-line orders annually, with an additional $50 million in estimates and quotes. We are well established - having built hundreds of professionally designed websites. We own our own building, servers and equipment, having served businesses and organizations in our native Howland, Ohio for almost a decade. Ask to see websites appearing on the first page of Google™!

Websites are Professionally Designed

Websites are Professionally Designed
Customized (no templates) to your specific needs, your website is designed using the feedback and information you provide, during the development process. It's easy and fun. We recommend pictures and content, allowing you to make decisions which ultimately shape the final website. We explain what we are doing and why. We help you understand and balance design with functionality. While we are at it we teach you how to log in, edit pages, add content, check statistics and more. Open any time by appointment. Let us help improve your image, sales and peace of mind.

Take Control of Your Website

Take Control of Your Website
We show you how to log into your website, edit pages, view statistics, upload pictures, build galleries and slideshows, publish or reject Testimonials, add dynamic content (blocks) and more. Take control of your website content or have us make updates for you.

E-Commerce - $1.5 million annually

E-Commerce - $1.5 million annually
We process over $1.5 million in orders annually. Over $50 million in additional estimates, part inquires and more. Let us show you how to stream-line estimate and order processing, cut costs, off-load tedious tasks to your website, encourage customers to finalize the deal and to increase your bottom line. It's about communicating with your clients on their terms. It's about sharing information. It's about building your business.

Custom catalogs are no problem with our exclusive "Block" technology. Log in and take control of your data. Import products from any Excel™ Spreadsheet or update categories, products, pricing and inventory levels manually. Take credit card payments directly through your website, logging in to process the order. Run sales reports like "Hottest Products" to see your best sellers and adjust your marketing to increase profit. Make an appointment for a demo today!

Search Engine Optimization Technology

Search Engine Optimization Technology
Our exclusive SEO technology embeds keywords quickly and easily into web pages, urls, images and more while avoided penalties such as over-optimization. URLs can be re-encoded and sitemaps re-built at the click of a button. It's that easy!
Every website includes basic SEO optimization and submission to major search engines.

Dependable Support You Can Count On!

Dependable Support You Can Count On!
Local - From domains to design to hosting we explain it in plain English! Drop in for a free cup of coffee as we assist you.

Free - FREE SUPPORT (max 15 minutes per month with one month rollover.) Assistance logging in, understanding statistics, adding and editing web pages and more!

Experienced - Almost 10 years graphics design! Search Engine Optimization, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Flash™, Marketing and more. 20 years application development, programming, etc.

Qualified - Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Sciences, Minor in Mathematics

Established - Hundreds of websites! We have owned, not rented, the same location for almost a decade! $1.5 million in annual order processing. $50 million annually in estimates, quotes, etc.

Stop worrying about the expense of a website and relax in confidence it's taken care of with Commercial Grade Websites™

All Websites Include

All Websites Include

  • Custom Design and Styling - Customized to your specific needs, you website is designed using the feedback and information you provide during the development process.
  • Consistent Navigation - Visitors should never be lost while visiting your website. Your logo and menu normally remains fixed throughout their visit. Note, however, our technology does allow content to change when a visitor logs in IF you wish.
  • Designed Home Page - First impressions are everything. For this reason most design work is often placed on the home page of your website.
  • Contact Us/Feedback - Every website receives a custom contact page which usually includes a feedback form. The feedback form is designed to receive contact information from visitors without letting them know your e-mail address. This is important to reduce spam delivered to your e-mail address!
  • Services/Products/Events - We always include a page on the services, products or events you wish to share with visitors.
  • About Us - Telling people who you are and where you come from lets them know they can do business with confidence.
  • Basic SEO - We include basic search engine optimization in every website. This helps search engines find you! It includes a site map and submission to major search engines.
  • Free 15 Minutes Support - We know you are going to forget how to log and change content. That's okay. Support is FREE, up to 15 minutes per month. Just give us a call or e-mail us. We are happy to help.
  • Branding - You need more than a Facebook™ page (with competitors on it.) You need dedicated websites whose look and feel matches their business cards, pamphlets, banners and billboards. No problem. That's what we are here for!
  • Interactive Websites - Websites have evolved into interactive, rich, fun places where you can share information with the public and they can bounce ideas off each other. They are about web pages, galleries, schedules and so much more!
  • Advanced Development - Our system handles customers, products, inventory, articles, galleries and so much more. Think we are kidding? Our content management system even handles alpacas and miniature horses! But just in case you need something special we have all the technical skills you need to build content in Flash™, or PHP
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