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Experienced E-Commerce Provider

We process over $1.5 million in orders annually for our clients. Estimates, feedback requests and on-line forms track an additional $50 million. This demonstrates both the logistical capabilities of our ordering system as well as search engine optimization capable of driving the traffic to your site.

On-Line Catalogs

On-Line catalogs show visitors the goods and services you have to offer, but without the ability to make a purchase through a shopping cart.  This is commonly used in industries where purchases tend to be too complicated or customized for immediate check out.

Shopping Carts

Taking an on-line catalog one step further, carts allow visitors to purchase immediately.  They are designed to provide as little resistance to the purchase as possible and to increase the convenience of doing business with you.  Our shopping cart technology is very flexible, allowing a choice of shipping and payment options based on the region the visitor is coming from.  

We support many gateways, allowing users to pay by credit card, through PayPal or simply create a manual order, to be charged later.

Shipping can be through a USPS, UPS, FedEx, by cart weight, by cart subtotal, Charged Later, and more.  Our shipping platform even supports markups and can be configured by region. 

Pricing Levels

Advanced options, such as different pricing levels are also available.  These allow you to set up dealers and distributors with special pricing and shipping options which only they see. 

Inventory Tracking

Our inventory tracking system allows you to track: on-hand, location, re-order #, vendor, mfgs # and more.  Designed for the smallest company to largest warehouse, you can print tickets, fill orders, auto-deduct inventory, and even print packing slips.  Never loose an order again!

You can even build assemblies, allow you to automatically calculate the availability of a product based on its components.  When you fill orders the parts are automatically deducted from all sub-inventory items.  Tickets even tell workers where the components are and how many to include of each!




E-Commerce Options

  • On-Line Catalogs
  • Shopping Carts
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Reports
  • Simple to Advanced Configurations
  • PayPal to Authorize.net
  • Customization Available

Expand your sales base by opening up your website to the world!

E-Commerce stream-lines the ordering processes. It reduces mistakes. Assists sales. Keeps customer's happy and coming back for more!



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